A dislocation theory for the plastic
deformation of metals - and its applicability

by Prof. Dr. Yngve Bergström

Welcome to my homepage!

Here you will find comprehensive summaries of selected papers which I and my colleagues have published in the field of plastic deformation of metals.  The work deals with  dislocation models for the work hardening behaviour of single-phase and multi-phase metals, static and dynamic strain ageing, stretch formability, forming limit diagrams, the n-value, etc.

You will also find discussions related to the average stay-time of immobile dislocations, possibilities of estimating activation energies of vacancy diffusion proceeding from the remobilisation process, correlations between the “grown-in” dislocation density and the mean free path of dislocation motion and dislocation cell size, etc.

Finally, an analysis of the work hardening behaviour of dual-phase steel and dual phase aluminium is presented.

Result from a parameter optimization sequence during which theory is "curve-fitted" to the experimental data reaching, in this case, an average error of less than 0.1 MPa. Click on image to enlarge.

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